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“A Handshake is Enough” Book


A culmination of two and a half years’ work, A Handshake is Enough is a combination of Marless’ original art and poetry by nationally-known Cowboy Poets from across the nation. Each work of poetry has been uniquely crafted to accompany each of Marless’ thirty-six marvelous works of art. The Cowboy has a unique lifestyle which is shared with the paintings. In the Old West a handshake was a man’s word. The title then, A Handshake is Enough, symbolizes the Code of the West: faith in God, honesty, integrity, love of family and love of Country. Marless also believes that a beautiful handshake takes place throughout this book, as well, that between the Painter and the Poet.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10.25 x 10 x 1 in