While a native of Arizona, the door to the Arts was opened up to her at a remarkably early age. As the daughter of a Career Naval officer, Jacqueline Cohan spent much of her childhood observing an eclectic mix of cultures. These sights, sounds and aromas inspired and delight her.

Having raised two children and maintained a highly successful business, Jacqueline decided it was time to express her own imagination through painting. “ I absorbed all the cultures I experienced as a child, and in my travels. They were exotic and expressive and appeared in music, art, fashion, dancing and laughter. “They were such happy experiences that created lasting memories and bought my visual senses to life.”

And so began the creative revolution adopting her own unique style of impressionistic realism, with oil paint as her medium. Inspired by traditionalist such as William-Adolphe Bouguereau and French Post-Impressionist & Symbolist painter Paul Gauguin as her inspiration for the translation of a journal of understanding and the overwhelming power of human emotion.

Jacque is a member of the Arizona Art Alliance and the Sonoran Art League. She has exhibited her work in such prestigious shows as Arizona Fine Art Expo and Hidden In the Hills.

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A Jacqueline Cohan numbered giclee.

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